Five Best Easter Books For Your Toddler

Celebrating Easter is always fun with the Easter egg hunt, egg painting, and all other interesting Easter activities, but reading Easter books to your child will make this year’s Easter celebrations even more exciting. Here I am sharing the five best Easter books for toddlers that are not only colorful and fun for young kids, but also teach the meaning of Easter.

Easter Books For Toddlers

Here are the five best Easter books for toddlers that your toddler will enjoy this Easter season.

01. We’re Going On An Egg Hunt

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We’re Going On An Egg Hunt is a great book to read to your toddler around Easter time. This is a story of cute little bunnies who go on an Easter egg hunt. It is a lift-a-flap book with beautiful illustrations and short sentences. You can never get bored with this book as throughout the story your child will learn about:

  • Easter egg hunt
  • Counting
  • Sight words with repetition
  • Animals and their sounds

As you read this story to your toddler, encourage them to lift the flaps and point at the numbers and eggs. You can also encourage them to build word picture recognition as you point at the sight words while reading.  While reading the prepositions, make gestures and show what over, under, around, and through mean. Also, making animal sounds while reading will be so much fun. Overall, you can use this book to introduce prepositions, animals, animal sounds, and the story structure with a focus on Easter.

02. The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s Easter Colors

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This fun board book allows you to teach your toddler all the fun Easter colors. With one color per page, your toddler will learn to associate colors with animals and objects. When your child flips the book pages, they will learn:

  • Colors
  • Animals with their colors
  • Garden vocabulary

As you read the book, you can point at the color word and the associated animal or object. You can also talk about the animals at the farm. While reading this book to your toddler, you can let your child name the colors they observe in their surroundings or name the animals they recognize in their surroundings, TV, or recall from their memory. Overall, I think you can easily read it to your 2-year old too. It is a great book to introduce colors and animals around Easter time.

03. Llama Llama Easter Egg 

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Llama Llama Easter Egg makes a quick fun Easter read for your toddler. With its colorful pages, the story introduces young kids to the idea of Easter, rhyming and Easter treats. While reading your toddler will explore:

  • The Easter treats such as jelly beans and chocolate bunnies
  • The idea of Easter egg hunt

Most suitable for kids under the age of 2.

04. Happy Easter, Mouse!

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Happy Easter, Mouse takes the little toddlers on a mystery journey as he goes on an Easter egg hunt. The very popular mouse from If you Give a Mouse a Cookie, this book will make a perfect gift for your toddler around Easter time. The teaching opportunities are many – your toddler will learn:

  • Colors
  • Prepositions 
  • Numbers 
  • Questions

Through a good variety of sentences throughout the story teaches colors, numbers, and prepositions. For little older children, you can draw their attention to the question sentences and the basic prepositions introduced in the story. To teach prepositions, you can point at the eggs and the words under and on and ask them to find objects under his blanket or place their plushy on the bed. Overall, this book is great to arouse curiosity in young children around Easter. You can also use it year-long to teach colors and numbers.

05. Clifford’s Happy Easter

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Clifford’s Happy Easter is a nice addition to your toddler’s Easter book collection. With bright pictures and cute colors, your child will accompany the dog, Clifford on his Easter adventure. With bright colors and a great story featuring the classic Big Red Dog, Clifford, this story makes a great read-aloud around Easter. This book offers a great opportunity for you to discuss Easter with your child. The sentences in the story offer a little challenge to young readers who are still learning to read, but the illustrations explain the events in the story in much detail. The story is great to teach:

  • Colors 
  • Adjectives
  • Powerful verbs
  • Past forms of verbs
  • Patterns and designs

Overall, this story offers a lot of learning opportunities to young kids. As your child learns colors and adjectives, talk to them about the meaning of the adjectives used in the story. Also, you can direct your child’s attention to the designs and patterns and discuss the meaning of the vivid verbs used in the story.

I hope this round-up of Easter books for toddlers has given you some great Easter book choices. If you like any other Easter book for your toddler, do comment below. Happy Easter!

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