About Author

Hi, I am Abeerah Jawed. Welcome to my blog Abeez Journal on Learning and Teaching English.

I am a passionate ESL teacher at an International school, and have been teaching English for seven years. I love to teach English, share my teaching knowledge, resources and experiences with my students and other teachers. As Whole School Literacy Coordinator, I have been supporting K-12 teachers at my school through literacy coaching and professional development in literacy instruction.

Abeez Journal is my research and experience based blog on English language/ literature lessons and teaching strategies that would help K-12 ESL teachers and students alike to improve their English language teaching and learning skills.

When I am not teaching, I read books, write blog posts and cook food.

Other online activities that keep me busy are writing blog posts for Surviving Susral as the founder member, sharing recipes on  Cooking Chronicles Club, and utilizing Literix, Teachers’ Hub (launching soon) and Trusted Tutors (launching soon) marketplaces as a teacher.

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