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Product Description:

Teaching the novel ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar? Use this exciting Setting Activity Choice Board for ‘HOLES’ By Louis Sachar  and allow your students to showcase their understanding of the setting, tone and mood as they choose activities from this setting activity choice board. A great way to assess your students’ understanding about the setting and mood. This setting choice board activity works great as a formative assessment tool. This product also includes my successful 2 days in-class lesson ideas and instructions plan (You are free to choose any idea or sequence of ideas from the lesson Ideas page).



    • Moods Poster for your students to think how settings play an important role in creating the mood of the story. 
    • Model Setting Descriptions (Mentor Text) for your students to read and discuss the word choice, tone and mood.
    • Two writing worksheets – one for students to write their analysis of how Word Choice and Literary Devices create mood in the story and the other one for them to write their own setting descriptions of Camp Green Lake.

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This product includes:

This product is a PDF printable file including a link to its digital version that can be used with Google Slides, which is perfect for distance learning.

+ 13 printable pages where each choice board activity comes with its own worksheet/ workspace (printable and distance learning version)

Isn’t it amazing that you can teach your students remotely and tap into the power of Google Slides?


Common Core State Standards CCSS (For United States Only):
RL.5.4, RL.5.5, RL.6.4, RL.6.5, RL.6.6, RL.7.3, RL.7.5, RL.7.6, RL.8.2


What will your students learn?

The differentiated creative setting activities included in this product will spark a keen interest in your students to think deeply about the setting of the book from different characters’ perspectives, illustrate their understanding of the settings, explore the use of tone that leads to creating mood of the story through settings and most of all, this setting activity choice board will enable your students to show their own creative writing skills as they write their own versions of the settings in the novel using the given word bank.


You will get:

    • Setting Activity Choice Board (6 setting activities) with separate worksheet for each activity
    • Lesson ideas and instructions for two days
    • Moods Poster
    • Model Setting Descriptions (Mentor Text)
    • 02 bonus creative writing worksheets
    • 13 pages in total (Excluding the credits and terms of use page)


Ready to print and use in the PDF format!



Google Slides Instructions For Distance Learning:

The Google Slides link to copy the slides is on page 03 of this PDF file. On this page you will see a message for the teacher and a hyperlink to the editable digital file in Google Slides format. Perfect for Google Classroom and distance learning!

Once you click the hyperlink, you will be prompted to create a copy of the Google Slides file. Please make sure you are signed in to your active Google Account. Once you create a copy of the files to your drive, you can create multiple copies for your students (with their names) and share with them. They will be able to type in the text and you will be able to assess their learning progress!

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