Report Writing For O Level English

It doesn’t matter if you are a student trying to figure out how to write a report for O Level English language exam or just getting started to write an A-grade report for your O Level English course 1123. In this post, you will learn everything you need to know about writing a perfect report for the directed writing question of your O Level English writing paper.

Here you will learn:

  1. What Is Report Writing
  2. Report Writing O Level Format and Structure
  3. 1123 O Level English Report Writing Sample From Past Paper Exam Question (PDF)
  4. Features Of A Report
  5. O Level Report Writing Tips
  6. Report Writing Topics For Practice
  7. Useful Starters For Writing Reports
  8. Conclusion

01. What Is Report Writing

As the name suggests, a report is a specific type of writing that is written to inform about specific issues, events, or findings from a research study. We write reports to inform the reader clearly and objectively about a topic or an issue. In your O Level report writing question, you may be asked to write a report to analyze a particular issue pertaining to your school or community such as discipline, accident, or robbery. You may also be directed to suggest solutions to the problems at the end of the report.

Now coming to the types of reports, you may be asked to write:

  • A report to the principal
  • A report to the police
  • A report to the newspaper
  • A report to some department like municipal committee etc.

Note that your recipient determines the tone and choice of language in your report.

Separately, if you are looking for O Level Summary Writing, here you will find all you need to know about O Level 1123 summary writing.
You can also find general tips and characteristics of a good report here.

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02. Report Writing O Level Format And Structure

Now, that you know the basics of report writing, here is the O Level English report writing format for your understanding and clarity. Here, we will talk about how to format and structure a report for the directed writing task.

Just remember these points as you plan the format and layout of your report:

  • Address the report to the recipient – provide a title or their full name (don’t forget to capitalize the first letter)
  • Write your full name
  • Write the date
  • Write the title/ subject of the report
  • Format your report using the bullet points given in the directed writing question (In case you are not writing your exam in 2024 and onwards, use the ideas selected from the given text to plan your report)

Report Writing Format English 1123 – Step By Step

Step 01
To: Recipient’s Designation or Full Name
To: The Principal OR Mr. XYZ (First and Last name)

Step 02
From: Writer’s Name (additional information in the next line)
From: Ali Arham
Class Representative, Grade 11

Step 03

Step 04
Report Title [Underline the title]
Reference: Making Break Time Easier at ABC International School, Lahore

Step 05
1st paragraph: Introduction to the report with purpose clearly stated.
2nd paragraph: First main/ bullet point elaborated in clear formal language. If it is about an incident, write a proper date and time. Be specific.
3rd paragraph: Second main/ bullet point elaborated without rambling about off-topic discussions.
4th paragraph: The third bullet is discussed in detail.
Closing paragraph: Short conclusion with suggestions (if asked) including a good wrap-up.

Step 06
Writer’s Signature

Note: If you are given a starter to begin your report, such as, ‘To the Principal’, use that.

Structure Of A Report

Plan your report using the given instructions. In case you are taking the exam in 2024 and onwards, you will have to select ideas from the reading passage and organize your thoughts to develop in your report. Whatever the case may be, you should divide your report into five paragraphs:

Introduction: The first paragraph should be the introduction paragraph. You can combine the introductory paragraph and the first bullet/ main point in a single paragraph. This will allow you to state the purpose of the report, and the topic under discussion in the introduction paragraph and immediately state the first point of the report.

Body paragraphs (three paragraphs): The body of the report will consist of three paragraphs covering three separate focus points or bullet points required in the question. It is always good to amplify the paragraphs with relevant supporting details and examples. In the body of the report, you will develop each main point in detail meaning you need to be creative here. Make sure you organize them well and that there is a clear connection between ideas.

Conclusion paragraph: Next, the concluding paragraph asks for some action to be taken based on your report. You should be clear in suggesting solutions or recommendations as they should directly relate to the problems or issues discussed in the body of the report.

Finally, you should bring it to an end by closing it with ‘Yours Sincerely’ or ‘Yours Faithfully’ and your signature.


Use formal words and phrases to show the awareness of the audience as mostly it will be the school Principal or police.

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03. 1123 O Level English Report Writing Sample

O Level Report Writing Exam Question And Sample

This report writing sample was written by a student for the 1123 directed writing section of the writing paper. It is written in response to one of the report writing topics for the O Level 1123 exam from past papers.

This 1123 report writing sample is a prime example of how you should plan and structure your report, and it also shows the way the writer has maintained a formal tone and register throughout the report.

Most report writing questions for the directed writing section deal with the reports to the principal or police. For your Paper 01, it is important to develop and improve your report writing skills with regular practice.

As you read the sample report, try to identify the examples of formal language and see how the bullet/ main points have been developed to show the writer’s creativity and logic.

Question 01
Recently your school held a careers day when people from a wide range of jobs gave information and advice about their work to students. Your Principal asks you to write a report about how helpful you and the other students thought the careers day was.

Write your report. You must include the following:

  • the positive aspects of the day for you and the other students
  • how the day could be improved for next time
  • what decisions you have made about your future as a result of the careers day and why.

Cover all three points above in detail. You should make your report informative and persuasive. Start your report ‘To the Principal’. Remember to give your name and a date.

The worked exam answer to the above question can be accessed below.

Click here to download the FREE exemplary O Level report writing sample in pdf format.

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04. Features Of A Report

Here are some basic features of a report that will help you to write a perfect report for your O Level English course:

a. A Defined Structure

Remember, a report is written in a proper format and follows a proper structure. It may include sections and subheadings. For your O Level language paper, you are not required to supply subheadings and subsections as the paragraphs usually suffice.

b. Objectivity

A report has to be written in an objective manner which means that it should clearly deal with the purpose. You may be asked to write an informative report or write a report dealing with the findings of the research or it can also be about suggesting solutions to a given problem. Being objective while writing a report is crucial as it should be free from any biases. This is why one should avoid including personal opinions, beliefs, and likes in a report.

c. Accuracy

Before you write a report, remember that accuracy forms the basis of any report. Any facts written in the report must be properly verified as many decisions may be taken based on the information included in the report.

d. Clarity

The report should be written in a clear tone. Reports that sound unsure or fail to answer the reader’s questions are considered poorly written. So ensure to avoid using words and expressions that convey uncertainty like ‘maybe’ or ‘perhaps’.

e. Conciseness

A report is always concise considering it is a formal document written to convey information to the audience who are busy. So, aim to use short concise words and convey information in a few words instead of long sentences and phrases.

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05. O Level Report Writing Tips

While writing a report, ensure the following:

  1. Spend three to five minutes reading and understanding the question and its requirements. If you are given the starter then start your report directly following the instructions.
  2. Underline the command words and key focus areas of the question. Annotate the question to help you organize your ideas. A quick bulleted plan or mindmap may help you.
  3. Plan the content of the report using the given bullet points or in case you are taking the exam in 2024 and onwards, use the ideas selected from the text passage and organize them logically.
  4. Keep the tone and register formal and do not use contractions at all.
  5. Use past tense while writing a report. When you write a report about an incident, that happened in the past, you should use past simple tense, past perfect and past perfect tense correctly.
  6. Write your report keeping in view all the information given in the question. Use them by discussing at least three sub-points or details for each bullet. You can be creative here.
  7. Organize your report by using transitional words and phrases within paragraphs and between paragraphs. This will allow your writing to flow smoothly.

To improve your writing skills for the writing paper, you can check out the following books:

Here is another list of books that I personally like to use to improve my students’ overall writing skills.

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06. Report Writing Topics For Practice

Here are some O Level report writing questions taken from the Directed Writing section of the writing paper for you to practice.

Question 01. During the lunch-time recess, one of your friends fell over while taking lunch in the school canteen and suffered an injury. It was necessary to summon paramedics and although there were no serious injuries, your friend was taken to the Outpatients’ Department at the local hospital to be checked over.

You witnessed the accident and the headteacher/ principal of your school/ college has asked you to write a report of the incident giving details of what happened.

You should include the following details in your report:

  • When and where the accident took place
  • How the accident occurred and the injuries suffered by your friend
  • Suggestions as to how similar accidents can be avoided in the future

You should cover all the points above in detail and ensure that your report is clear and informative. You should write between 250 and 300 words.

Question 02. Your headteacher has asked for ideas for a new sport to be added to your co-curricular activities at your school. It so happens that several of your friends and you have recently attended a ‘taster’ day at the local sports club and tried out several different sports that you had not played before, including one sport that you all found very enjoyable.

Write a report for your headteacher stating why you would like this sport to be added at school.
Your report must include the following details:

  • What the sport is and why you enjoyed playing it
  • What the school needs to provide, (for example, a playing field, equipment, qualified instructors)
  • What benefit would come to you and the students and the school if you played this sport?

Cover all three points above in detail. You should ensure that your report is clear and informative. You should write between 200 and 300 words.

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07. Useful Starters For Writing Reports

Use these section and sentence starters in your report to make it sound formal and cohesive:

While Introducing The Topic
This report is being presented to suggest…
The purpose of this report is to highlight…
This report is aimed at bringing…
This report is presented to bring forth….

While Reporting Results
It was observed that…
Most students seemed to believe that…
Many people suggested that…
Few students were of the view that…

While Making Recommendations
Considering the given situation, I would recommend…
Having considered the different views, I suggest that…
Having considered the given options, I suggest that…
It would be best to consider…
I, therefore, suggest that…
I, therefore, recommend that …
In my opinion, it would be better to…

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08. Conclusion

I hope this post has pointed you in the right direction and you feel more confident in writing a report. If you liked this post and if it has helped you, I would like to read your feedback below.

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