What Is The Main Idea And How To Find It?

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Finding the main idea of a text is one of the most basic and crucial reading skills. It is key to understanding what you read. The main idea holds all the pieces of the text together. Once you identify the main idea, everything else becomes easy to decipher and comprehend. What Is The Main Idea? … Read more

Holes By Louis Sachar – Book Review, Teaching Resources, And Ideas

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Holes by Louis Sachar is a great book for middle school students. The book teaches kids about the value of making the right choices and the importance of friendship in one’s life. Plot – Holes In the story Stanley Yelnats, the protagonist struggles to escape the unfortunate circumstances he finds himself in. Young Stanley has … Read more

What Is Theme In Literature?

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No narrative or a story is complete without the key elements of stories: setting, characters, plot, conflict, resolution, and a central theme. Let’s discuss what is theme in literature? What Is The Theme? Theme is an important element of any story because it is the main underlying message the author wants to convey through his/her … Read more

What Is Setting In Literature?

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Have you ever read a story that doesn’t show the place and time where the actions of the story take place? Think about it for some time? No, right? Setting is an important element of literature. Among the three main elements of a story: character, plot and setting, setting is usually overlooked by many writers.  … Read more