Best Classroom Management Strategies To Help You Manage Your Class With Ease

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Classroom management – A nightmare, right? Well, it has never been a  nightmare for me.  Today, most of my colleagues and school administrators praise me for my classroom management skills. In the last seven years, I hardly remember any incident where I struggled with classroom management and student behavior. So, this week I am sharing … Read more

Five Best Starter Activities For Your English Lessons

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In this post, I answer every language teacher’s most commonly asked question, “How do I start my lesson creatively?”So, in this post, I share some practical lesson starters (starter activities for English lessons) that you can use to introduce the lesson creatively and engage your students. The suggested starter activity ideas are classroom-tested and are … Read more

Five Best Books To Help Students Improve Their Writing Skills

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In my previous post, I shared my top 06 recommended books that every English teacher must read to improve her students’ reading skills. In this post, I am sharing my top 05 recommended books that have helped me improve my students’ writing skills. Remember, it is not about reading a book and then leaving it … Read more

Six Best Books To Help Students Build Better Reading Skills

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Whether you are a first-year English teacher or have been teaching English for over a decade, the books I am sharing in this post are your go-to resources for your PD bookshelf. From the works of great authors like Ms. Kylene Beers to the amazing strategy books by Ms. Jennifer Serravallo, I share with you … Read more

What Is Theme In Literature?

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No narrative or a story is complete without the key elements of stories: setting, characters, plot, conflict, resolution, and a central theme. Let’s discuss what is theme in literature? What Is The Theme? Theme is an important element of any story because it is the main underlying message the author wants to convey through his/her … Read more

Teaching Grammar

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Why teaching grammar is important? “Grammar is the business of taking a language to pieces, to see how it works.”  ~ David Crystal What Is Grammar? Grammar is the language system that defines how its various parts work together. It is about the morphemes (the smallest units of meaning in a language) and the syntax … Read more

Top Ten Tips To Improve Your Writing Skills

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Practical Tips And Tricks: Do you want to improve your writing skills? Is writing a composition that is grammatically correct the biggest challenge for you? Or do you simply want to write articles and stories that are free from errors and grip your readers’ attention? Stay put and read on as I share my top … Read more

How To Describe Settings Through Character Description (02 New Strategies)

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Do you know what ‘good setting description’ reads like? Pick a book and spot where the author has described the place, the time period, the environment, and the surroundings where the actions take place. For a moment ask yourself, “What has the author done here to make this story interesting?” “Why am I able to … Read more

What Is Setting In Literature?

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Have you ever read a story that doesn’t show the place and time where the actions of the story take place? Think about it for some time? No, right? Setting is an important element of literature. Among the three main elements of a story: character, plot and setting, setting is usually overlooked by many writers.  … Read more

How To Write Physical Descriptions – Describing Characters’ Appearances

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Students often find it easy to describe a character using a list of adjectives, and they usually do so in a straight-forward manner (Using Direct Characterization). This is easy – just look at the character’s picture or visualize one and list down how the character looks from head to toe. Right? Is that all about … Read more