Holes Vocabulary Cards With Meanings (Chapter 01-15)


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Teaching the novel, Holes by Louis Sachar? Use these Holes Vocabulary Cards With Meanings (Chapter 01-15) to teach vocabulary of the novel. These vocabulary cards can serve as a great way to teach students new words and their meanings as they read the novel.

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This product includes:

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Holes Vocabulary Cards With Meanings (Chapter 01-15)

    • Vocabulary cards – 66 words (06 cards per page)
    • Meanings with words (06 words and their meanings per page)
    • 22 pages in total (Excluding the credits and terms of use page)


Teaching Ideas: Play ‘Guess the meaning’, ‘Match the meaning’, Pictionary and many other vocabulary games using these flashcards.


Common Core State Standards CCSS (For United States Only):
L.8.6, L.8.5c, L.8.5b, L.8.5a, L.8.5, L.8.4d, L.8.4c, L.8.4b, L.8.4a, L.8.4, L.7.6, L.7.5c, L.7.5b, L.7.5a, L.7.4d, L.7.4c, L.7.4b, L.7.4a, L.7.4, L.6.6, L.6.5c, L.6.5b, L.6.4d, L.6.4c, L.6.4a, L.6.4, L.5.6, L.5.5c, L.5.5, L.5.4c, L.5.4


What will your students learn?

These vocabulary cards will spark a keen interest in your students to think deeply about the vocabulary used in the novel and learn new words in context.

Use these vocabulary cards to pre-teach vocabulary or as students read the novel. These cards can be used as differentiated vocabulary learning material as you can assign these vocabulary cards to students (in pairs and groups).


You will get:

    • 66 Vocabulary Cards  (06 cards per page) for vocabulary games and Word Wall
    • 66 Vocabulary Cards with meanings (06 words and their meanings per page)


Ready to print, laminate and use with any vocabulary activity.


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