How To Write A Perfect Summary For O Level English Language

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Would you like to ace your O Level English language paper? Do you want to crack the code to write the perfect summary for your O Level English language paper? In this post, you will learn to write a summary for your O Level English language paper without feeling distressed! The Summary Writing Question for … Read more

Ten Ways To Improve Your Reading Skills

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Reading is one of the core language skills that we all develop over time. It takes focus, undivided attention, practice, and last but not least, patience to develop strong reading skills. Although it takes time to improve reading skills, it is not impossible. All it takes is determination and commitment to do what it takes … Read more

There And Their – Correct Usage With Examples

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There vs Their – Explanation: There vs Their. Why do these words have the same pronunciation, but do not mean the same thing? Many English language learners make this common mistake of using “there” in place of “their” and using “their” when they mean to use “there”. I know, it gets confusing. It is because … Read more

It’s Or Its? Correct Usage With Examples

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It’s okay. It is okay if you don’t know when to use it’s vs its. It’s perfectly normal to see many English language learners use it’s (with an apostrophe) and its (without an apostrophe) incorrectly. Often you might write a sentence like this, “Its a busy day today,” when you really mean to use “it’s” … Read more

Using Commas With Nouns Of Direct Address Or Vocative Case Nouns

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Before discussing the usage of commas, first let’s talk about the nouns of direct address and how to use them correctly. Nouns Of Direct Address: Simply put, nouns of direct address are nouns that name the person being addressed or spoken to.  The Vocative Case Noun And The Vocative Comma: We use commas to offset … Read more

60 Social-Emotional Learning Journal Writing Prompts

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What Is Social Emotional Learning Social-emotional learning also referred to as SEL, is an ever-growing need of every child’s education. It’s always a good idea for students to reflect on their social-emotional learning journey and develop their SEL skills. You don’t need to be in school and take SEL lessons when you can practice developing … Read more

What Is Subject-Verb Agreement?

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What Is The Subject-Verb Agreement? Well, we all know that every English sentence has a subject and a verb. So what is subject-verb agreement? It is important to know that if the subject is singular, the verb should also be singular. Similarly, if the subject is plural, the verb should also be plural.  What does … Read more

Top Ten Tips To Improve Your Writing Skills

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Practical Tips And Tricks: Do you want to improve your writing skills? Is writing a composition that is grammatically correct the biggest challenge for you? Or do you simply want to write articles and stories that are free from errors and grip your readers’ attention? Stay put and read on as I share my top … Read more

How To Describe Settings Through Character Description (02 New Strategies)

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Do you know what ‘good setting description’ reads like? Pick a book and spot where the author has described the place, the time period, the environment, and the surroundings where the actions take place. For a moment ask yourself, “What has the author done here to make this story interesting?” “Why am I able to … Read more

How To Write Physical Descriptions – Describing Characters’ Appearances

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Students often find it easy to describe a character using a list of adjectives, and they usually do so in a straight-forward manner (Using Direct Characterization). This is easy – just look at the character’s picture or visualize one and list down how the character looks from head to toe. Right? Is that all about … Read more