30 Creative Story Writing Prompts For Kids

In this post, I am sharing thirty creative story writing prompts for kids that are suitable for students in Kindergarten through Grade 05.

What are writing prompts?

Writing prompts are short writing topics that allow students to express their thoughts about a given topic.

Why use writing prompts?

Writing prompts are important and helpful as they help students to organize their thoughts, allowing them to express their creativity in written form. If you want to improve your writing skills, then using writing prompts is a great way to take your writing skills up a notch.

30 creative story writing prompts to try now!

Here are these thirty creative story writing prompts categorized into different story genres that are suitable for kids. You can simply copy and paste them in your Word Processor or write them down in your notebook and start writing!
So without further ado, here is a list of thirty creative story writing prompts for you to try your hand at writing stories:

Fantasy Story Writing Prompts

Write a fantasy story about:

  • A happy princess whose pet dragon can talk.
  • A cunning fox who tricks a talking rabbit.
  • A tiny princess who is just 02 feet tall and is about to marry a prince who is 05 feet taller than her.
  • A flounder fish who goes back in time and meets its ancestors.
  • A young girl who becomes a famous superstar at the age of 10.
  • A beautiful princess living a lonely life.
  • A teacher who can talk with trees.
  • An old man who can see what happens behind him.
  • A girl who can eat everything…everything!
  • A young baby who can talk.
Adventure Story Writing Prompts

Write an adventure story about:

  • A smart elf who travels on a river in a peanut shell.
  • A brave princess who rescues an innocent monkey.
  • A bold knight who has won a battle.
  • An unforgiving raven who rides in an acorn wagon.
  • A clever hunter who lives by the river inside a mountain and rescues someone in trouble.
  • A young boy who is trapped in a dungeon.
  • A young man trying to rescue a sinking ship.
  • An old woman stuck in a snowstorm.
  • A discontented girl who learns to be grateful the hard way.
  • A girl at the beach who lost her friends.
Mystery Story Writing Prompts

Write a mystery story about:

  • Finding a hidden door that opens to a magic world.
  • A boy who can foretell the future.
  • Two boys playing soccer when suddenly they hear a big loud bang.
  • A mysterious dog who brings a secret message.
  • A fisherman who catches the most mysterious fish ever!
Sci-Fi Story Writing Prompts

Write a sci-fi story about:

  • A smart astronaut who has just come back from space and has experienced strange things while in space.
  • A boy whose computer talks to him which leads to big problems.
  • A brave space trooper who finds a way to power spaceships forever.
  • An old woman who invites aliens to a dinner party.
  • A gaming addict who is sucked into an iPad by accident.

Don’t forget to download this FREE creative story writing worksheet.

Hope you enjoy these story writing prompts. Share them with your friends and discover the creative writer within!

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, I’d love to hear from you.

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